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So how do I write a travel piece to keep you all occupied and reading? I can go on about some history stuff but you can google it. And frankly I don’t know much about its history, or anything for that matter. Also another thing, I apologise for looking messy and angry. I was battling a tooth infection and was on copious amounts of painkillers, so my face was not in the mood, or my brain, or my fashion sense. Okay too many excuses.

I will not brainwash you with where to find what in detail because trip advisor already exists. Also there will be no white themed waffle photos because I ate them too quickly and forgot to take a photo. What? Girls gotta eat!


So let’s begin


A couple of weeks ago I was invited by Radisson Red to come to the launch of their hotel. I have been working with Carlson rezidor for exactly a year now so I was really happy to receive this invite amongst with other bloggers too.

Everyone told me Brussels was not a very interesting place but did advise me on some beer tours and some chocolate tours which I thought would be great for my vlog. But I will explain how that went , or didn’t go in another post.

When I am invited to these blog trips, I always expect to meet some cool people, Instagram myself with them and tag them, and then we will be like these insta blog friends or whatever, but it never happens. The thing is, people who blog and vlog, have very little experience in real life people. Our whole lives are on internet, and we are socially awkward. I really believe that. This is why I am not friends with any bloggers, although I always hope I will meet someone new and become friends. I’m like a cat lady.


So let me go back to my first impression of the hotel. And let me keep it cool and hip and interesting for you. You never know when you will need accommodation in Brussels. I will also need your opinion, so do read and look at the photos and tell me what you think.


Secretly in my’ I am a princess’’ way of hopeful thinking I wish to get the best room in the hotel. It wasn’t the case this time, but I loved the standard room anyway. I was curious about other rooms so I asked a member of the team to tour me through some other rooms. Me being a bit of a masochist, just like to see what I am missing. So here are the three room types of Radisson Red.



My favourite one of course is the corner room, because it is much lighter then the others which makes it a great room for someone who likes to instagram a lot. Like me for example. Also it gives you that nice ‘’ I am away and I am productive’’ kind of feeling and allows you to take one of those irritating ‘’office for today’’ photos that everyone hates on social media. I swear, I never did that. If you do that, someone somewhere hates you.







The suite is big but maybe a bit too empty and so much space serves no purpose. I would add some paintings on the walls because the room is dark and with bare walls is a bit sad. However the space obviously offers much more comfort as it is bigger in size and there is great potential to décor that room in future anyway. Let’s give them a break huh? The only opened a month ago. What would you add?






Standard rooms gets good light during the day (not as good as the corner one) and are a very good size , so if I had to choose, it would be the corner room or the standard room. I don’t think I would myself need the suite as it is too big. But I can see it useful for a family staying over. What’s you favourite? Let me know in the comments, they will be reading this, so they will be interested too.







I am a big lover of room service, and Radisson Red does not serve food in room, so unfortunately I was dieting for two days because I was too lazy to get up and find a nice restaurant. However you can order food in their OUI kitchen and pick it up yourself, but that would mean I would have to get out of their comfy bed and I was not prepared to do that. Yes, that’s how lazy I was. Also the mini bar was empty which is great because I like to use mini bars as well. Maybe they just emptied it for me?




Beds are fluffy and comfy but I believed that the duvet was too warm , I had the window open and air-condition on 17 celsius, 24/7, but I might have been warm because of my tooth infection and because I did not have antibiotics and had like 10 tablets of 600 milligram ibuprofens with some Belgian beer, glass of wine, and three cups of coffee… Maybe. But let’s say it is the duvet. I don’t like being the guilty one.

Interior of the hotel was too my liking, a hip and very Scandinavian looking interior. Minimalistic and not too intrusive but very intereseting and different. The staff was also very relaxed just like the scandi’s are.








And of course there is a huge selfie wall which everyone used so much it actually did not work on the day I was leaving. And I really wanted to take a selfie. Damn it people! Have you no selfiecontrol?


To conclude, Radisson red Brussels is a nice new hip hotel attracting all kinds of travellers. It has been done up to serve the millennial needs. Good example is the super huge tv in every room that lets you mirror your devices (but not Netflix) and the fact every single table has a plug built in to it and a usb charging point. They know how much technology means to us. Of course, free wifi, very good signal too.

A billiard in the dining area to keep you occupied, young ambitious helpful staff and cool looking art on the wall. For those more in to working, there are very cool meeting rooms as well.





Also they added really huge numbers on the doors just in case you get drunk, you don’t end up in someones room…and trust me…that seems very possible in Brussels, after some shady chocolate tasting and beers , things happen.



However, if you are about to go to Brussels and don’t know where to go, Radisson red Brussels could be a good choice for you. After all I am showing you first hand what you will experience and how everything looks.


If you have any questions you can always dm me on Instagram or email me. I am happy to share my experiences privately as well.

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*disclaimer : I was a guest of Radisson red Brussels, but all opinions are my own

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