Fun things to do in Brussels


Before I went to Brussels I planned. I had this grand plan of all these things I was going to do and what they would look like, and I did them, but not how I planned.

One of the things I really wanted to do was Chocolate tasting. I took and uber to the grand place, found the first chocolate street. Had two pieces of chocolate and that was it. I literally could not eat any more chocolate, so I decided to buy some for my mom. However, just because I didn’t have it, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. So instead I decided to review some chocolate windows. It’s not like eating chocolate but it is kind of fun.

The jacket in these photos is from Shein.



So here are my favourite chocolate windows. Obviously you will see why I like them, and they are all very different. Some of them very famous, some of them, never heard off. But that is because I eat chocolate with the wrapping so I never know what it was.










Chocolate street is really easy to find it is just one little alley off grand place. Right side of this building . You probably think this is nonsense but you will thank me when you get there and remember where you need to go.


Once you overdose on chocolate it is time to have some beer. Obviously in such a touristic place it was not hard to find beer tasting places. I already tried most of Belgian beers while I was a teenager living in Croatia, so I just reminded myself of some weird tastes, like cherry beer and chocolate beer. Would not ever put them on my top 5 beer list, but if you don’t try it you really can’t complain about it. I for example can, because I tried them and I didn’t like them any time, but I order them all the time. I must say I am not a beer expert so I probably do not appreciate the craft as much as some beer lovers do.



Beer tastings are fun, because if you have too many obviously you will end up in a pub crawl, and the best thing is, no one is going to think you are strange, because it is expected from you. I left with some of my dignity in time.

Next day, after I cured my Belgian hangover I decided to cross one more thing of my list. Mini europe. I know, not very exciting, you just walk around and look at mini buildings from famous european cities. I only went there to see what they did with Croatia, and was not impressed. 15 euros to enter and walk around the park. The only cool thing is, you can check in to all the cities you see in the park. It is actually not lying, because it is there. Just mini, but totally legit in my opinion.













Obviously the most glorious thing was this in the background but we didn’t go in because they had to exhibitions, and as much as I love being a tourist I also had an infected tooth and very swollen feet. It was from all the walking in heels the night before.

After mini Europe we hopped on the train and had no idea how to use train tickets, but was hoping someone employed talking french will understand our pain as all instructions were on Dutch and French. We got away, not arrested 😀

We walked down to the city centre and got presented with the most unusual parade. I didn’t want to google it just so I could write what I think it is. First we thought it was gay pride, then we saw it was a bunch of fairies building weird structures and showing them off on the street. My favourite was this guy pretending to be a bouquet of sea blow up animals.






wikipedia sais: The parade was established with the aim of connecting the many different cultures, communities and districts within Brussels. The director of the Zinneke association, Myriam Stoffen, has talked about the desire to ‘build bridges’ between these parts of the city.[1] The organisers of the parade aim to work with a large variety of institutions, schools, cultural centres, organisations and societies.[2] Residents work together with professional artists[1] to create the ideas and prepare the projects which eventually make up the parade.

Okay I was close. What an amazing parade it was. Weird , but great. Just like me.

Charles and I did not know what to do after that, our feet were on fire, my tooth was killing me. I had like 8 ibuprofens, and I wasn’t feeling that well, so we eneded up crawling back to the hotel. I say crawling because Brussels is a bit of a hill to climb to, or roll down to… depends. Night fell so we slipped in to bed, ordered Chinese, and tried to mirror Netflix on to the tv but it didn’t let us.

Damn you Netflix!

We ate until we started hating ourselves, then fell asleep. I took the whole duvet and Charlie woke up next morning cold.

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