I am voted TOP 3 lifestyle blog in the UK

That Friday is here. Not Friday 13th as you may think, but it’s that Friday. The Uk blog awards Friday.


That morning was one of those morning where I was so excited to wake up, and also wasn’t. It has been a year since I have started blogging. Ambitiously I signed up for the Uk blog awards, and thanks to my followers, I was voted a finalist.

Now that Friday finally came and I was shitting bricks. Sorry for swearing. Going back to London was actually just what I wanted after almost 5 months of non stop travelling. I missed it, even though Croatia is already experiencing summer , returning to the cold was not so worrying.


I packed everything I have put away for winter. I heard it’s snowing in London. Just the day before I spend hours in some newly discovered second hand shop and bought dozens of new shirts and sweaters for only £23. I was quite satisfied with my purchase. I was stacking up the shirts and deciding what I will not take. I have this problem, like travelling paranoia, where I think I need to take as much as clothes as I possibly can.


But in my head its like a fashion magazine, in reality I wear the same thing everyday. Im too lazy, too cold, too tired, too moody to make an effort to wear anything I put in my suitcase.


I also packed my worst case scenario dress in the suitcase, in case I am late to London for some reason and don’t have enough time to pick up the dress I was going to wear. In between those things, my expensive shoes. I was actually thinking of taking them in the backpack because I am always so scared someone will loose my luggage and those shoes are irreplaceable.


I grabbed Pablo from the corner of the room and put him in his carry case because I was bringing him to my mom. We packed the car and were on our way to the airport.


‘What would I say if I won? What will others say?’’- I was totally unprepared, I have never actually won anything in my life. I flicked through the finalists once more just to see everyone. These guys have been in it for years. I am just like little newb. Surely judges took note of experience, and I am not the one with experience. I started feeling a little bit stressed and nervous.


At the airpot our first flight was delayed, which sucks cause our next flight is just a short time after landing, so I was thinking I might not make it to the blog awards after all. I will probably get there too late.


Thankfully after a bit of stress everything was fine and we were up in the air.


W arrived to London around 6pm. I didn’t even do my hair yet then. Ran in to the hotel and got changed as quickly as possible then ran to the car and to the ceremony.


I didn’t really take any pictures, I guess I was too excited to even think about it, so this post is more like a diary entry than a usual post. I did however, get a photo of me with my ”certificate” of being voted top 3 lifestyle blog in the UK, and forgot to take my Finalist for travel one, but I asked them to send it to me.



I am extremely honoured by this recognition. I have been blogging for 1 year and this is such a huge achievement.


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