My favourite hot winter destinations to visit after summer

So most of us spend our summers in our holiday homes or somewhere on the beach. I always make a mistake of travelling during the summer, when actually I should be travelling after summer when season is low and winter starts. Nobody likes freezing so I decided to make a small list of best places to go (that I went to) after summer that you can start planing right now, and I also included some killer offers from


Bali, Seminyak


I visited Bali in December 2014. We went from really cold weather to literally hot hot summer.Bali is beautiful and the nature will leave you absolutely speechless. Try avoiding visiting when there are holidays in Europe like christmas and New Year’s Eve. Those days are expensive everywhere. Plan right now and catch those early bird flights and hotel prices. Read my blog post here

Here are 4 really good hotel offers I found on

U Paasha hotel in Seminyak only £691 for 2 people 8 nights

Look at that POOL!!!!!! This is a 4 star hotel, but trust me when you get to Bali, everything is 5 star!

Check it out here

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 12.34.14



Annora Bali Villas in Seminyak for only £469 , 2 people 8 nights


You get a suite for that price and get to relax in amazing surroundings, or you can rent you own villa for just a little bit more and enjoy in your private pool. Worth a shot.



annora-bali-villas (1)


Puri Salon hotel Seminyak Bali for only £483 , 2 people 8 nights

This looks amazing, and I would like someone to teleport me there this second.

check it out here




Horison Seminyak Bali , only £259 !!!!!! 8 nights!


This is an amazing offer. I mean only £259 and the hotel has amazing reviews from guests. You cant stay for that money anywhere in Europe! Of course flights might be costly but you will not regret it

click here to look




Next stop is,







I know it is not a very relaxing vacation but it is splendid. You get to see some amazing architecture, history and if you find a good hotel, just chill in the pool. I went there in November and it was really hot. Read how it was for me here.


Here are my favourite 4 hotel options for hong kong in November

Panda hotel , only £463 for 2 people and 8 nights (<–click to look)

Some of the rooms even have panda’s inside. Not real ones, but close enough 🙂





Bay bridge, Hong kong, only £483 for 2 people , 8 nights <–click to look


That room has a really lovely view. We also stayed in a similar one and the view was epic!



L’hotel Nina et Convention Centre , only £684 , 2 people 8 nights <–click to look


Now that’s what I call, luxury! Look at that space! It is magnificent! Oh and don’t mind me jumping in to that infinity pool.




Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, £777 ,2 people 8 nights <– click to look

For the upper scale, Hyatt is a great choice, and the price is really good for 8 days. When it comes to prices, Hong kong is very similar to London .








When people say Dubai , they think ”expensive”, but actually it is not expensive at all. As a matter of fact, hotels are cheaper if you book them when you land. Your best time to go is anytime between November and January. You will still have nice warm weather but want suffocate in 75% humidity and 55 celsius. I visited Dubai in June, and would not recommend it. You can read about my trip here.


But here are some awesome offers.


Ghaya Grand Hotel , £500 , 2 people 8 nights <–click here to look 


Have not been there but has amazing reviews and it looks great. Night swimming in this beauty is a must.





Auris Plaza Hotel, £521 , 2 people 8 nights <– click here to look

Very typical room inDubai, but who needs a room when you have a lot of outside things to do 🙂 Great offer for 8 days , this one.




Mövenpick Hotel Deira , £574 2 people, 8 nights <– click here to look

I didn’t post photos of rooms for this one, because i want you to see it for yourself.





Rio De Janeiro



Not the most safe destination, definitely not the place you see on the postcards, no good looking women. But still it’s hot, it’s nice, and there are beaches galore. It is one of those places you love or hate, but you have to be the one to make that opinion.

I went there in March when summer was finishing, so if you go around November ,December or even January, it will be in full bloom.

Here are my top 4 offers from

Hotel ok, £336 , 2 people 8 nights <— click to look


Blue Tree Premium Design , £598  2 people 8 nights <— click to look

Do I need to explain anything? Didn’t think so.




Hilton Barra, Rio, £621, 2 people 8 nights <— click to look

All I am thinking is #sunsetporn, #hedonism, #champagne


Sheraton Barra, £733, 2 people 8 nights <—click to look



I could write about more destinations, like Istanbul and Barcelona , but they are not really hot during winters, rather warm I would say, but definitely worth looking at if you are seeking something closer yet relaxing.



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