I have been shotlisted for the Cosmo girl of the year and Uk Blog Awards!

Hi guys,


This year I have been nominated by Cosmopolitan for the Cosmo girl of the year in category ‘’Empress of social media’’.

And also for the Uk Blog Awards where I am currently shortlisted in Travel and in Lifestyle category , and waiting for the ceremony to see if I get the award.


I wanted to just thank you all who have taken your time to vote for my blog because I am extremely happy to see myself shortlisted as this past year I have tried really hard to make my blog worthy of you readers.


I must say since I moved to London in 2014. Things have changed drastically for me and I am so blessed to have all of these lovely opportunities to show off my passion. And I have to thank my boyfriend Charles who has been there for me every step of the way and many times helped me and  surprised me so that I could have something to share with you.


When I started my blog in 2015. My main goal was to make it good so I can apply for the awards. I have travelled to a lot of destinations and reviewed a lot of places and hotels and have even played with fashion and shared it all here with you.


Thank you so much for being loyal for following me and for continuous support you give me. Without you ,all of this would be meaningless.


You can still vote for me for the Cosmopolitan awards here , in the mean time see you soon in Japan! 😀


Love you all from the bottom of my wanderlusty heart!



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