Radisson Blu Royal – Copenhagen, Denmark

As you may well know I have been to Copenhagen last week. I was invited by The Radisson Blu team to participate in their exciting new design project called the Raddison BluPrint. Radisson Blu Hotels have been the first team I have collaborated with when I started this blog so It was a great honour for me to be a part of this event.


I have already been to Copenhagen before, as I lived there for 5 months in 2013. And since then I haven’t visited so it was really nice to come back and remember things.


We came to Copenhagen around 12 pm and the driver to us to the Radisson Blu Royal hotel where we checked In and were taken to our room. Our room was situated on the 16th floor it was a beautiful royal suite with the most amazing view over Copenhagen. The wind was strong as usual so you could really hear it outside of the room.













One thing I noticed was that windows were able to open which is so rare in hotels these days as most of them close them for security and possibility of a sneaky cigarette once in a while.


We really had a chilled day that day, we ate some food downstairs in the restaurant and were trying to read it in Danish which was hilarious and very hard. Most of the guests started arriving at that time.







Except me there were some other journalists and bloggers so after food we head of to the Radisson Blu reception on the 20th floor. We had some drinks and were taken to a very special room 506 which has not been changed since the 60’s. However the room 606 is a changed version of this one that was done later on. It was quite interesting as most of the furniture is still quite modern which is what this hotel is so proud about.












Radisson blue royal Copenhagen is actually the first design hotel in Europe and all the chairs Swan and Egg, were designed specially for that Hotel by Arne Jacobsen. After the tour of the rooms we all catched up again for some drinks and food at a restaurant called KUL.


Kul is supposed to be kind of a fine dining restaurant but no so ponsy. Most of the guests really enjoyed their food but I must be honest and say that it didn’t rock my boat. I have had quite a long experience of fine dining and restaurant exploring around the world last year and some of the meals that we had in Kul were really not my cup of tea. There were some dishes that I did enjoy like the red meat and dessert. Prawns were however  overcooked and topped with a very unusual sauce that gave the whole experience quite an uncomfortable taste if I may say. But don’t take my word for it.









I lived in Copenhagen and to be honest I never thought Danish people were good cooks or imaginative foodies. Of course – that is just my opinion and I am sure other 28 guests would disagree with me, as they ate their food quite fast and looked pleased with it.


After our little food session we were all really tired so we got back to our rooms and once again enjoyed the most amazing views over Copenhagen. It was quite an experience seeing it in that light and I was thrilled to have a chance to reside in that awesome suite.



One of the things that really rocked my boat was the bathroom that also had a view over the city which was so awesome in the morning while having a shower. Thankfully no one could see me, but even if they did, I don’t care. The only thing I did not like about the room was the toilet paper.

I know it sounds stupid but the toilet paper was really hard and rough and not nice to use.


Service-wise Radisson Blu is very famous for treating all of their guests equally, and every time I returned to my room there was a gift from the general manager of the hotel. This reminded me of my trip to Prague where I also stayed with Radisson Blu and their General manager force fed us champagne throughout the stay. In Copenhagen however we were gifted by very rare Arne Jacobsen soup bowls and 2 bottles of wine. It was a very nice gesture and it is jus tone of the reason why Radisson Blu feels like home.


Staff in Radisson Blu wear a badge ‘’Yes I can’’ and they really mean what they say. If there is ever something you need, they really try to give their best to ensure you get it. Don’t be evil like me and use it J


That is the summary of my first day and impressions but if you click here you can read my next post on all the awesome things we did around Copenhagen , especially if you are in to Scandinavian Interior design or if you are just looking for some inspiration for your next visit.


You can visit the Radisson Blu Royal Copenhagen hotel here


*I was a guest of Radisson Blu but as always my opinions are my own

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