Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the wine is so delightful…

It snowed last night in Zagreb, and I must say it was beautiful. Last winter during this time of the year I was in Belgrade and it was snowing as well. Winter is not the same without snow.

We were bored so we decided to head out and have some nice dinner with friends so we can enjoy this awesome Saturday.

The National theatre was really stunning with all the snow around it.






I booked us a table at Vinodol, which is apparently very popular with the foreigners. This is not my first time eating here but I choose it again because I like the atmosphere inside. Sometimes it is so busy you can’t even walk in. I suppose it is because they have great service and really easy dishes. Mainly the menu is meaty so it is very popular with people who come in groups and like to share. You will not see many young folks hanging out in this restaurant. Their clientele is either foreign expats, visitors or professionals aged 30 and over.








Quite a few interesting conversations were shared at this table. Someone (I will not say who) was showing us videos of a dolphin’s penis. It was quite disturbing over dinner, but things usually are when Charles and I get involved.





I chose to eat Pasticada with gnocchi because I am a big fat fan of Pasticada and as soon as I see it on the menu my hear jumps just a little. This one was nice, but could have used a bit more sauce as the quantity of meat was in larger amount.



Opposite of us guys chose to eat a Ram-steak with potatoes.



We were already heading towards our second bottle of Rose.



After nice chats we headed to Tesla to continue our fun, and as they didn’t serve Bellini’s we ordered some peach juice so we can mix it ourselves. Tesla is a Wine bar just of Flower Square. Not really big in size or crowded on the weekend. People you will find there, are mainly wine drinkers in their middle 20’s and over. No annoying screaming drunk kids, which is a big plus.











We had 3 bottles of Prossecco which was totally unplanned and random, and to be honest unnecessary as we had lots to drink on NYE just 2 nights before. I think we left Tesla at appropriate time as the last drink we had was Gold Digger, which is an invention of Charles and me. Basically its medica in a glass and champagne is poured over it in a small quantity so that it can be drinked as a shot. Really hits the head. We parted our ways before we embarrass ourselves in front of each-other. Just in time to keep some decency 😀



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