My stay in Radisson Blu Split and my complete teeth makeover

After Rovinj I drove to Split but only to visit my dentists at Ismile who are amazing and definitely worth driving 400 km. In July when I visited Split I had a complete make over of my teeth. I want to write you guys a story about what happened to me and why I had to make my teeth completely new.

When I was a kid I had this dentist that was more interested in making money than actually helping me. She literally dug trough every single tooth I had. One tooth she didn’t close well and for years food and stuff has been gathering in my canals. That caused a really big infection on my lower jaw and I had gangrene that was eating trough my flesh and bones. I have seen a couple of dentists afterwards who tried helping me but they were obviously not caring and most of my teeth have died and started turning black. They were chipping off and they looked horrible. One dentist after that took one tooth out and forgot a piece inside and that caused another infection. Yes you can call me the most unlucky person when it comes to teeth. Paradentosis is a disease that runs in my family and it causes your gingiva to loosen up and your teeth to fall off. I was so scared that by my 25th birthday I will have no teeth. Doing your teeth in England costs a fortune and when I went for a check up they wanted to charge me approximately £6000 ! I was crying and thinking I will need dentures. Hopeless, I turned to my Facebook followers to ask for advice and dentist recommendation and heard about Ismile. I immediately contacted them telling them this story and they advised me to come to their office promising me they will fix everything.


I smile is an amazing clinic in Split, run by two amazing women who love their job – Vedrana and Martina. They immediately as I arrived took a look at my teeth and advised me that I will need to come every day for minimum 5 hours during the week.





A lot of you have asked me what exactly they did to me, so here it is.

They screened my teeth to look what was going on. And they quickly realised a LOT OF WORK has to be done.

They changed my two front crowns, placed three more, I have 10 veneers ,two implants, and a bridge. To do a bridge they had to take one tooth out, which was my lower first one. I have had so many injections in those 6 days and so much drilling and cementing, that I rarely ever felt my face as I was numb most of the time. It was painless and quick. Last thing was to put in implants which wasn’t the best experience but it was better than I thought it would be. It took me some time to get used to my new teeth but it was the best decision ever and every penny I spent was worth it, and let me tell you – it was much less than what it would cost me in UK.

So here is a photo of my teeth before. You can see the side fillings turned yellow and brown, and my lower teeth turned black because they were dead and I had an infection underneath them. One of them broke off and I had to see dentists immediately.



I got a nice holiday on the coast of Split and new teeth and it cost me less.

And these are my new shiny teeth.




Brighter, whiter and longer. I like it!



I came this week for a check up, and I stayed in Radisson Blu resort in Split. If you are looking to combine useful with vacation like me – then these two combinations are great. Junior suite is where I stayed and it is just amazing. Radisson Blu Split is really close to the city and it offers a very luxurious interior design which makes you relax just by looking at it.






Yes I had a bath and it was amazing!


Radisson Blu in Split is lovely. Nice design and great scenery and awesome food.

Here are some images of the hotel and their breakfast lounge.






In the hotel there are two restaurants and bars. You can enjoy your food and drinks outside or inside and will not be disappointed by the scenery or the service.




After lunch and pool time we went back to the room to do some work. During the day the view from the room is quite cool. There is a small marina and endless sea. The room was super light and very enjoyable.


So to put it in perspective. For the same price you pay your dentist in UK, you can enjoy a week in Beautiful Split in Radisson Blu Resort’s Junior Suite and get your teeth done completely in a few days at Ismile. Not to mention explore Split and try amazing Mediterranean dishes. No wonder this country is so popular for it’s dental tourism. It is warm, amazing and cheap. Jack pot!

If you want to know more about Split , read my old post.

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