List of my favourite online shops

My Favourite online shops


Updated : 14.01.2016


Hey guys. I have been suffering a fever this week so I haven’t been taking any photos, but instead I wanted to share with you a list of my favourite online shops, so you can browse trough them if you are bored at home just like I am. Tomorrow I have a fitting for Ivana Pilja’s fashion show for the upcoming fashion week so I need to get some beauty sleep, but before i go to sleep… i like to look at clothes online. So here is my list.


  1. Luc Luc  – CLOSED!
  2. Good Night Macaroon –  Really nice stuff, excellent quality and really stylish!
  3. Fashion Connector – Is a luxury brand with amazing items from designers all over the world!
  4. Missguided  – Good prices, some items are not as good as in pictures but cheap.
  5. Boohoo – Cheap and good shoes and clothes.
  6. AmiClubWear – BILLIONS of shoes for super cheap prices.
  7. Ali – Everyone knows this is the cheapest of the cheapest of the cheapest.
  8. Asos – Cool unique items can be found, good quality ,good prices.
  9. River island – Not cheap BUT AMAZING!
  10. Urban outfitters -Sometimes has stuff I like J
  11. Jusfab – Cool cheap shoes.
  12. New look  – Cheap shoes and clothes.
  13. Nordstorm  – Haven’t received order, but has some good stuff I like.
  14. Romwe  –  You might receive items that look completely different from the photo.But great value 🙂
  15. Sheinside – Also very cheap and very good shop
  16. Shein – Cheap as well 😀
  17. Shoepie – Really cool items can be found !
  18. Jollychic  – Cheap clothes and great quality!
  19. – Loads of clothes and shoes
  20. –  Sexy dresses and nice casual things for ladies
  21. – my favourite shoe shop full of amazing boots and heels
  22. – Amazing romantic dresses for formal and informal ocasions


Leave a comment with some other shops you like 😀



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