Best 6 advices that will help you to always be on time!

How to make sure you are always on time?


Days can be crazy, and as we get older things become crazier and crazier. Sometimes you don’t have time to sit down let alone think about what you will wear. I can’t even tell you how many times it happened that I was called to come out to a meeting or an emergency. Being organised is a great time saver but also it is a remedy for your mind. Now I must say that articles like these are not written by tidy people, on the contrary! The only people who write these articles are intact the lazy, messy people that want to help other lazy and messy people. I decided to share with you a couple of tricks that I use that will always keep you on time.


Preplan your outfits.



Get a rack and stack your outfits. You can make outfits for the whole week if you have enough clothes. Choose some that are more casual, and some that are more fashionable, so in the moment when you have to run out, you are already, ready! It is fun, it loses you some calories, and it also just might remove some extra clothing from you chairs and furniture. By preplanning your outfits and putting them on hangers you also let your imagination work which is a great cure if you were feeling blue.


Have your Bag stuff ready


The most time you spend is on getting everything. Keys, phone, wallet, your train or bus pass, make up or even a notebook. Have it all ready on a pile when you wake up. I usually keep mine next to the door so I just transfer it to a bag of my choice. I also make sure everything I really need is there so when I leave I don’t feel worried. It saved me loads of time!


Create some useful morning habbits

I used to wake up In the morning and go straight for coffee in my living room, I would read the news and before I knew it – 3 hours have passed and I am still watching X factor auditions!! Imagine what I could have done in those 3 hours. So I decided to change it. First thing in the morning I go for the bath, I wash my hair and my teeth, just In case someone calls me out, I’m ready. I put clothes on before I go to my living room! Never go to the living room in your pyjama! Pyjamas are evil! They make you a prisoner! Make sure you do little things in the morning, which make you at least half ready, so you can finish everything up in 10 minutes if you are called.


Master your hair and make up skills


Go on YouTube and find some quick tutorials. Learn how to quickly apply makeup on your face. You don’t always have to go out with a Smokey eye. Practice something that is minimal but looks good on you, or hell – make a Smokey eye but practice to do it quicker. Find some quick hair tutorial for a messy bun or a braid so you are quick to walk out but still look cool. I can apply my make up in less then a minute and I do my hair while walking. Also watching YouTube videos when you have time is quite useful and fun, you will be surprised how much you can learn!


Challenge yourself or your friend

Once you completed all of the above, challenge yourself to see how long it takes you to put on the outfit you pre-planned, get all the things in your bag, apply make up, do your hair and get out of the house! The best time I scored was 3 and a half minutes. But I was really rushing! It is good for you to do this because then you know exactly how long it takes you to get ready and leave the house. And trust me, you can’t be late ever if you do this. Unless someone wants you to travel across Europe in 5 minutes….there is no tutorial for that unfortunately.


Always leave 30 minutes before you originally planned to leave

What makes a successful person is the fact they are first in everything. First in winning, first in a meeting, first in the morning. I must admit I struggle with the last one, but I am trying. Being on time, – or even before time – is a trait that will take you far in life. You will be a trustworthy person and people will believe more in you. It is not cool to be late okay? These are not the 1980’s people! Competition is high and you need to stay on top of your game. Be early , it will never do you any harm. I am always early and it worked just fine for me.





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