I just discovered VITL and it’s amazing!

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So those of you follow me on Facebook and Instagram and youtube, know that I had to change my lifestyle completely. I started going to the gym and changing my eating habits because I have had extreme bloating problems due to my intolerance to food. If you are experiencing bloating like I do then you probably tried everything. I have had extreme bloating for 10 years now, and it is because my liver became too fed up with all the food I had on daily basis. My diet became quite strict and because of it, three weeks later I got a horrible flu. I don’t consume enough fibres or good fats or calcium. To be honest I was never a big lover of ”milky” stuff and I am quite limited with fruits so my vitamin intake is quite poor. My diet consisted only of protein when I started exercising, and before that I was living on carbs. Maybe my body got shocked by the sudden change, I am not sure, but I can’t afford to be sick. I have been using some supplements for my skin which have been pretty good but obviously I needed something for my body too.


I came across VITL 2 weeks ago, they are a subscription health supplements but I noticed you can buy them on Amazon and eBay as well. I received my ”Month” box last week and the first thing that really impressed me was the packaging.


By pulling the string, VITL box kind of ”unfolds” itself. For some people – like me – this brings a lot of pleasure in to my everyday life. I know it’s a box… but it is a really cool box. You may think it is silly, but packaging is very important to a lot of people and I have to hand it to these guys, they did a good job. As you can see once I opened it I was immediately informed of what the box holds. So I had a quick read .

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I think my favourite thing about the packaging – yes I am still talking about it – is the way they specified days in the week with you dose. I really like it because you don’t have to carry the whole box with you, or poor them from big bubbly plastic containers, in which most of pills usually come. VITL made it cool so you just tear of the aluminium pocket with your supplements for that day and just put them in your pocket. Works great for me because I forget to take my pills.

Let’s move on from the superficial things. What does it do? Is it good? Should you buy it?


Well first of all it is not a pain killer. You don’t just drink it and a miracle happens. It takes time for your body to react to supplements like these. In order to get better, and feel better you need to stay on the track by consuming them everyday like you are supposed to. So how did it work for me?

I only just finished my week one and one thing I can tell you for sure is …. I am not bloating. At all! Which is quite impressive. Second, and maybe too much information but I go to the toilet regularly. Third very important thing I noticed was my period was not painful at all. I have horrible cramps usually and am unable to walk out of the house. This time I haven’t even used one painkiller. I did however still have a bit of back pain but I guess that is normal.

Waking up in the morning is much easier. Having low blood pressure I am constantly fatigued. My doctor said I should eat more salt but I eat too much of it already. I am not sure if these supplements had anything to do with this new miracle of waking up without difficulties but a sure thing is, now that my body is receiving it’s needed nutrients it definitely more happier and stable in the morning.

There are things happening inside of me which I may not feel or know yet but after a week to notice differences these big to me seems like a great sign of a really valuable product. Best thing about it is, I will never forget to take them because I am subscribed and as soon as I finish one box, another one will be ready in the post.

So how is this helpful to you? Well I got in touch with VITL, because I was quite satisfied with their product and they said they will give me a promo code for you guys if you are interested to try them.

So you can click here to get your first  VITL and my promo code IAMELLA will automatically be added and you will get your first box 50% off! That means it will only cost you 17£ instead of 35£.


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