Last breath of summer

Hi guys, me again!

Today I will show you how to clean the house.

Kidding…I don’t know how to clean either so if you find a blog about cleaning share with me 😀

So today I got for you THIS!


The other day I stumbled upon LUXEMME. They are a small webshop offering luxury fashion items for approachable prices. They just launched their limited edition collection, so I decided to dip my toe in the shopping cart and treat myself. Summer is almost over, so I am using every second of it.


Material is similar to a scarf, very light but strong and comfortable to wear.



It is really comfortable to wear and it’s easy to pair up casually with some sneakers or even heels. What i love the most is the pattern just reminds me of historical buildings. I know , I’m weird. ”Omg what a great co-ord, looks like Italy! Totally having it!”




It is very classic, so it should be ‘everyone’s cup of tea. I was so excited to wear it, unfortunately it has been raining for days here in London , so I took it in the back yard. Hopefully next week I get to walking down the streets of London.





Can I just also add how happy I am with my butt since I have been going to the gym. Seriously…I HAVE A BUTT! And to be honest, these pants are making it look even better.





So just quickly to conclude. The heels are from Justfab.


So ANGRY! Cheer up Ella




Okay I admit it, I have a bit of a hangover! My head hurts and my face looks weird but at least I have been cleaned out of all fluid that ever took space in my body and I look super slim in this awesome outfit!


Let me know your thoughts!

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