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I am a girl and I need stuff. Most times for people these stuff that I need seem useless but really health is something that is number one on my list. So I decided to share with you some of products that I use most commonly that I find very helpful in my everyday life.




Superdrug is just around the corner from my house, and when the paycheck hits my account I go for some girly supplies.




Let’s start with those chocolates above. They are made to be an exchange for meals, but because they are super high in protein I like to eat them after the gym. They taste really good and provide me with much needed nutrition after tiring my muscles. Of course if you want to fast, they also make you really full really quickly and do wonders for your health. Also it’s chocolate. Who doesn’t like chocolate?



Perfectil Original are one of my favourites. I don’t really consume a lot of fruit because I have a bit of intolerance and get bloated quite quickly. It shows on my skin and nails and hair – they are all weak. These pills contain high amounts of vitamins that are much needed for healthy skin, hair and nails. They also induce hair growth which is really important for me because my hair grows super slow.



To add a bit on my skin point. I am 25 and I have really bad skin problems before my period. A lot of people ask me how come my skin is so clean. Vitaglow are amazing because they contain collagen and hyaluronic acid. Most commonly used for lip fillers. I can’t really get much behind the science of these pills ,but they do help, because I have no skin problems anymore – and they keep my skin soft and nice. I take a different one everyday to keep them in balance.




Heel lovers and fashionistas know that hard skin is not attractive, but also it can hurt a lot. I used to shave off my hard skin but that is not really good for you because it leaves your feet very sensitive and then you are just back on track to get hard skin again. I got this Scholl product a couple of months ago and it still works amazing! Literally its like filing your feet while they are dry. I do it to myself every week and my boyfriend loves it as well. This is my favourite product ever I really love it!



I know you are excited to hear what I do with the lubricant, but let’s leave some things to the imagination shall we? You don’t really have to know why I love it…just get it.



Morning rituals start with Berocca. I freaking love Berocca. I overdose on it. Coffee does’t help and i need loads of energy. I pop two at once in a glass full of water and I down it. Really, really good. I am also a smoker unfortunately , and having cigarettes when you first wake up is soo soo bad for you! Imagine your body dehydrated and the first thing it gets is nicotine in the blood system! I changed that habit for these great vitamin bombs. Try them!


HALIBmrlitmissI have nothing to say about these multivitamin candies, except they taste freaking awesome and I use them to test my self control. It sais kids should take no more than 2 per day. But I am an adult, surely I can have five? Or six? What if I eat all of them? Stop it Ella! I ate them all so I took this photo from the internet. Couldn’t help myself. They taste sooo gooood!!


So that is basically it when it comes to healthy beauty products. You can get them all at your local SUPERDRUG . Any questions? Let me know!




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