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Hi Guys,


Sorry for being lazy lately in writing. I have just been trying to catch up with my everyday life since I came back from Split. To be honest with you I am super tired of travelling at the moment, and I just want to relax. I am going to be attending many cool events in London and except just posting photos I will Vlog.

Three weeks ago I had an epiphany. I mean I get those a lot, so I decided to go to the Gym and be proactive. Guess why I did that? Because I wasn’t ready this summer. I bet that’s how it goes with everyone. This time I am hoping I really go trough with it. I goggled, researched but eventually decided to go for professional help , and stumbled across these guys. Monika holds this challenge, called the Blitz challenge. Apparently with in a month you are all pumped up and ready to show off. I like those short ones you know? I am the type of person that needs quick results or she gives up. I am a quitter. Unfortunately I am not ashamed of it because it really saved me lots of time in my life. My whole motto was ‘’Why should I waste my time if I am not naturally talented?’’ Sounds familiar?

Monika sent me the program. It actually didn’t seem so hard, the worst part about the blitz challenge is the food. I mean you eat a lot, but all the same all the time. When it comes to food I am really good , but I am a ‘’taste whore’’. I eat because I am greedy, and if something looks good I want to try it. Food tester.

I decided to do a bit of Vlogging while I am on the challenge. nothing too special but just a bit so I can remember it. You can watch my vlogs on Youtube or here. Make sure you subscribe because once I post a video i leave it 24 hours for my subscribers to watch first before publishing them to the public.








I will keep you updated more with my before and after shots as soon as I see some noticeable results.


Stay tuned!

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