TravElla : Copenhagen, Agent provocateur and the art of waiting for Danes

I love travelling. I really do. I spend days on Instagram just scrolling down through the amazing pictures of the most wonderful locations. My boyfriend makes fun of me: ’Maybe you should get a job working for Instagram’’, but it is not that bad…I think? I started this blog with the sole purpose of travelling and writing about it but sometimes, I tend to lean towards food blogging and fashion. As you may have noticed, I only just started less than two weeks ago, so I am a fairly new blog. But there was this whole other world before I started blogging, a bunch of dreams and desires that boiled inside of me. I had amazing trips that I shared on my Facebook and apparently it has started to be noticed. I don’t want to consider myself a holiday spammer, but sometimes I tend to be a bit over the top when it comes to sharing pictures. I decided in this post to share with you something that happened before , a life I had… a past life, past troubles…past thoughts and regrets, but also to share experience and hopefully get you , to make a right choice.



I actually lived and worked there for half of year. As much as I love the equality that Scandinavian countries provide, call it bad experience, but I found Copenhagen quite boring. Most of the days there is nothing to do. People don’t really hang around in coffee shops or anywhere for that matter. Most of them just shop and …well that is it really. Try waking up at 8am and going to buy something. Yeah right! With that pay check sister, I don’t need to wake up either. Copenhagen wakes up at 11am. And my mom thought I was bad! I always asked myself –‘’ what if there is like a shopping emergency? What do fashionistas do when it is red alert? What if you like have a date or something?- Nothing, they are obviously sleeping and moat definitely not dating. Luckily for me, I had a great penthouse apartment with an awesome view over the famous Stroget, so most of my mornings I was drinking my coffees watching… well the empty street obviously! I was just minutes away from all of that glorious, lively place, -“happiest place on earth” – they say….not me. Sometimes I had urges to go and shop and I would be tapping my food around in anxiety, looking at the clock, pulling my hair and experimenting with my hair… I even cleaned once! Do you know how serious that is? So once the clock touched that 11. I was out and ready to run down the stairs like Cinderella on vodka! Actually I am lying, a rarely had any time to shop, and there is no way I was leavng my shoe with the Danish prince.



Photo taken by my roomate @nikaaudrey (instagram)




Photo taken by my roomate @nikaaudrey (instagram)


Photo taken by my roomate @nikaaudrey (instagram)



The most interesting thing about Copenhagen is the Agent Provocateur store. I kind of became a regular customer. I mean, I was literally only buying lingerie. Proud owner of 14 sets in a year, surely it is not a big achievement. The girl in the shop and me…best buddies. She called me everytime something in my size showed up, and she knew cause I’m in their system. I was not nearly special. I have with my own two eyes witnessed a women saying the most horrible witch spells the man kind has ever heard–‘’Excuse me? May I have 1 of each from the collection?’’- One day I hope I reach that point of annoyingness.






I proudly carried my pink bags along Stroget. Smelling that perfume even trough the closed box. All that shopping sure does, make a girl hungry, and since I have an amazing metabolism, my bikini body is always there. I kind of went to a couple of restaurants, nothing major, or fantastic, and no I have not been to Noma. Why? Because the waiting list is too long, and it seems waiting is a bit of a tradition in Denmark. When Ella is hungry, Ella is hungry, and she is not waiting for anyone, especially not food. Once I was gasping for a good dinner out. You know, one of those where you need to dress up,  do your hair for three hours then as taxi comes,  cry along the pavement as you try to walk in , stabbing your way in the most macochistic shoes ever. -” totally worth it”- you think ,even though you are walking like a newborn horse. There was a fast food restaurant Max (Swedish fast food chain) beneath my apartment, and I have given it a couple of sweet looks of regrets and lust as I crawled my way in to the cab. I could have eaten there, but sometimes you just need to eat something overly expensive and fancy.  I was taken to a unexpected place, and I must actually take some time and thank this person for introducing me to my favourite restaurant ever. I am only saying it is my favourite because there is one little thing on the menu that just makes me so happy….you could never even understand the passion I have for this particular item. The restaurant is called sticks’n’sushi. It is located on the top of famous Tivoli hotel and it is the best place ever. Seriously it is better than the London one. My favourite thing on the menu were ‘’tempura bites’’. Ladies, if you are having one of those days in a month, when you could just kill your whole neighbourhood, do your yourself a favour all right ? Before you spend your life parading around with greasy hair and orange jumpsuits, go to sticks’n’sushi and order those tempura bites. Thank me later. This place became my favourite in a second. Alongside the amazing panoramic views, which were actually not that amazing because they are overlooking a highway, they do make the best espresso martinis ever! If you do not know what an espresso martini is, then you have not lived. I was swinging on the swings after I binged on sushi, and remember thinking –‘’ My life is amazing, this is all I need’’- well actually, I always want more.





Baring in mind I have a favourite restaurant I started feeling at home in Copenhagen, which is a bit weird as I never really felt like a part of that city or the culture. Or any city for that matter. The fancy places became too boring for me, and soon I realised the fanciest crowd is hanging out in the cheapest places ever. One night out with my friend, took me to a bar I can hardly describe, or erase from my mind. We walked down the Frederiksberggade and stopped at this funny little place that sell Chinese food at the front. It was called Sam’s bar. What can I say about this place? Let’s just say it is rundown, Chinese karaoke bar with extremely cheap booze. Also it is the best hangout place for smokers who are bad singers. A girl was just debuting on the stage, singing Britney Spears and sounding like she is having sex with her self. What is that word when you feel ashamed for someone else? Well, that’s how I felt. For only 10 kroner you can get a shot of something similar to Sambuca but not even close to it, if you know what I mean? Everything inside me was crying for help, and listening to that woman moan, cost me my liver and my wallet, Nice strategy guys! Oh! Almost forgot the singing waiter! I actually highly recommend this place if you are in dire need of a traumatic experience or suffer from low self-confidence. That that place is just…wow! It works wonders for a girl like me. I felt like freaking Whitney Huston, standing there judging poor Danish girls sing.


Not everything is bad, I may be overreacting. But for a girl like me that likes to explore and have adventures , this city is not for me. Funny situation, I asked my Danish friend to meet me for coffee she responded – ‘’oh I’d love to, I am free…on Wednesday in three weeks’’- girl I asked you for a coffee not a marriage! Seriously? I had to make calendar appointments to have some honest heart to heart…I will not! I simply will not. A time has come when I had to make a choice between Copenhagen and London. London scared me as I just got used to this ‘’boring-waiting-planning’’ capital of Denmark. So what do I suggest? I suggest to come to Copenhagen for a city break and easy slow shopping. If you are looking for fun, there is absolutely no reason why you should go to Copenhagen… but let me tell you where you can go, In my next post. 🙂


Stay luxurious!





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