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Why I started Blogging

For many years I have had a big social presence and even though I love using Facebook and Instagram and twitter, sometimes it is hard to share your experiences on such limited spaces. I love writing and I love making pictures. Most of all, I love beautiful places and wonderful food. I am not a professional writer, I am not very literate and English is not my first language so I tend to make mistakes, but I love what I do and I love doing it. For years , as a young teenager I have been told I can’t do what I want, that I am not good enough, that life isn’t a fairy tail , that I am a dreamer and need to get down to earth. I refused , and it was the best decision of my life. I have been gathering my followers for many years. My Facebook didn’t appear over night. The people you see following me are genuine people who I interested in what I do. I love them and respect them and I am very grateful for them supporting me and following me in what I do. My mission has always been and always will be to encourage others to follow their dreams, and when they can’t, I wish to be the one that helps them get there. I decided to start writing a blog because It strikes me as a career I would love to have. I love travelling, different cultures, hotels, beaches, food and the wonderful people that make them. I would like my blog to be different then other blogs, I want it to be more personal and honest. As you can see my blog is quite new, there are not many things on it yet, although I have added content from the past in order to give it some character.

Since my followers are mostly people interested in Fashion and Travel , I want to explore both options simultaneously. I want to meet other bloggers and get a better perception about the world through others. Blogging has always been fun for me. I started when I was 14 and I was writing a blog in Croatia and to this day I have always considered myself more as of writer then an entertainer. I think it is important to share experiences with others, and this is the best way to do it. I hope in future I get to visit many cool, unexplored and amazing places , and I hope I get to present them in a light they deserve. I like honesty , being open minded, constructive criticism and learning new things and am always open to anything life offers me.

I like to say I am a Luxury travel and Lifestyle blogger, because there is a big part of Luxury in travelling itself. To some people it comes naturally and easy yet to some people it doesn’t. Sometimes the reasons are different economies and countries, sometimes it can be as easy as for financial reasons. I believe it is people that make a place. I have witnessed the kindness of wonderful Balinese people and to me that was the most luxurious experience I have had. I have been treated like a queen, and as much I want to write that the resort was amazing, the most important thing that makes a place amazing is the people that surround you. Often we forget that luxury is in the detail ,and that the small things are what make big things function.

Why I started blogging?  Why not ? I love it. I live it. I thrive in it. I enjoy it and I need it. Is there a better reason?

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