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Yummy Rio : Azumi

Konichiwa people! Ready for another food post? Well, I hope you have a plate in front of you because you will be hungry!

On my last day in Rio I decided to get some sushi. The brazilian food is mostly fried and I have been bloated for days , so I really needed something more organic the settle my tummy. Why did I choose Azumi? Well day before I was searching on trip advisor and I found this guy named Tom. Tom does food tours around Rio and takes people to what he thinks are ”the best restaurants” in Rio. I emailed Tom to join his tour, but he was already booked as he does small tours for maximum 10 people. Tom was nice enough to send me a long list of his favorite restaurants with descriptions. That was really nice of him and so I decided to give him some credit in this post.

One of the places he mentioned was this very traditional Japanese restaurant, ran by a Japanese family. The place is pretty sterile. The interior is not very nice, but it has that something that actually makes you feel like you steeped in to a sushi Joint on backstreets of Tokyo. In front of the restaurant an older man (owner I think) was smoking a cigarette and was making sure everyone flick their ashes in to the ashtray.





He then walked in to the restaurant and we followed. On the doors we were greeted by an older Japanese women that showed us tot he table. Passing trough you could see the chefs preparing the sushi at the bar where people were sitting.





Come on guys! Cheer up will ya? 😀



So we sat at a small table and got our menus. After pondering for a while on what we want, we invited the waitress over and asked her some questions about the Californian rolls. Basically we were interested in what they are with.



She did not hesitate a second :” They are filled with crab sticks” – she answered quickly -” You know, fake crabs?” –

I laughed as that was the most honest answer ever. I mean, who would tell you they sell fake crabs? We love you, honest lady.





So serious!

Just like the waitress, the food was raw, the service was raw and it was just the most honest place you could come in to. The food was strictly traditional Japanese with no sugar coating or European adjustments. It was literally, ”take it or leave it”.


I ordered Californian rolls with ”fake crab”, salmon nigiri, edamame, tempura rolls and of course the teriyaki chicken (which I forgot to take a picture of ).


The square thing is fake crab.

What can I say…it’s really just your standard sushi. No special presentation or making silly decorations. They did however, put a lot of wasabi on the Nigiri which made my face burn in pain as I really don’t like anything spicy and hot. I strategically removed the wasabi while no one was looking. Di sculpa!


Edamame, do i need to describe how they taste?

We got to business and ate really quickly because Japanese people don’t like to waste time.





The bill came and it was around 40£. Yup, you heard me! More expensive than London ! We didn’t feel disapointed because we were on holiday , but seriously I can’t imagine citizens of Rio to come here often. This place is pure luxury! The experience was different. We felt if we say something wrong, they will start pulling our nails of our fingers with some Japanese torture tools. Maybe the owner is like ex Yakuza or something. Just kidding!

Quick escape and still laughing about the fake crabs. Best thing that happened that night!

We followed up on our dinner with a short stroll down the beautiful Copacabana beach, where my ape genes came to life and I was hanging of some palm trees.





So quick overview and advice.

Go there if you want to have a few laughs with the waiters, eat quickly and if you have some extra cash in your pocket. Also , learn some Japanese words, make them feel like they are not so far away from home. I made sure I thanked them , said hello and goodbye in Japanese, and they seemed very pleased. Hai! Watashi wa Ella Desu!


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