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Yummy Rio : Si Senor!

Oh my Lord I love food!


I do, and those of you who follow me on Facebook and Instagram know that I quite often post food posts, so this will be a very juicy, mouthwatering, tasty post.

So I wanted to give you a little overview of non-Brazilian restaurants in Rio De janeiro. If you are only interested in photos, just scroll down and enjoy!!!


First place I visited I wrote about in my Rio Post, so I don’t wont to repeat myself and decided to skip it as it really wasn’t that good.


SI! SENOR I am hungry!

There is this small restaurant called Si! Senor, and it is a tex mex restaurant, aparently a chain. One day after copious amounts of cocktails I stumbled upon this little place where I sat down to have food. I needed something comforting but not fast food, so this was just right!

Before walking into this place I almost went for sushi, but the thought of choosing sushi just gave me a headache.

I will start of by saying that you don’t come to Si Senor looking for authentic Mexican food. They have a large menu selection, but pretty standard – chicken tenders, quesadillas, tacos…and there are mix options for groups to snack on various appetizer dishes. This spot is located in the happening rua farme. Now if you have never been to Brazil, service is not exactly their specialty. Waitresses looked as they were about to be hung, and could barely stretch a smile.

Some of the food seemed attractive but this one thing caught my eye. Texas trio. Call me standard. It is a combo meal that includes 9 chicken wings, 6 onion rings and 3 potato skins filled with cheese all accompanied by a nice sweet barbecue sauce.





Drooling yet?


The chicken wings were grilled to perfection.Nice sweet taste of barbecue sauce just made my mouth water. They really put the right amount of sauce so you keep craving for more, but not too much to make you feel sick. Onion rings were delicious and crunchy just like they should be. I must say, normally I am not a big fan as they always end up soggy, but these were just right.

(Also there was a nice barbecue mayonnaise that came in a small dish to dip the rings in.)

One more thing that accompanied the wings and onion rings were the jacket potatoes. Potatoes were filled with cheese, with a hint of meat ,cream and spring onions on top. They were not very popular with my taste buds, as they were quite heavy and there was A LOT of cheese. I tried them but didn’t eat them. However they tasted quite nice, but my poor little stomach couldn’t handle it.




I have done some research on this place as I was sitting there, and there was a lot of people complaining about their food, and slow service, but honestly I can’t see why, I really enjoyed it. It was just perfect for what I needed. I do not dismiss that different people had different experiences , but I had no complaints except the depressed waitresses.

Another dish we had was an Alabama beef steak, that was accompanied by a salad with some nachos and again, the silly potatoes and extra barbecue sauce. We ordered the stake medium but it came more like medium/well done. The portion was perfect for a female, but my male companion was not satisfied, so he helped me finish my Texas trio.




Oh Focus! why you no working?




Look at him being all grabby!




We followed our lunch here with a jug of Sangria, which was really nice and fruity but barely had any wine in it. Barely. The waitress was coming to refill our glasses and made sure the fruit was always in every refill. I also had a talk with the manager which spoke great English (and that is amazing in RIO). He was pleasant and quite helpful. Gave me advice’s on what to do in Rio and how it all works.

Nice and refreshing, but barely any wine.

Nice and refreshing, but barely any wine.


My hangover face is on the record!

I would really recommend this place as an alternative to junk food, as the service was pretty quick and the food was comforting. Price wise it was pretty standard, but don’t expect it to be cheap. Make sure you get there around 1 pm , as it is quiet at that time of day so you won’t be waiting long. Must mentioned that other then food, the best thing about this place was the manager, who was very social and helpful and made this whole experience that much better.

Dobar tek!


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