Nina’s Hair parlour : The vintage wonderland

I had an interesting Tuesday.  I went over to visit the first vintage hair salon in the world! Nina’s hair parlour!


I met Nina over a Facebook group I lead to connect women from Balkan region in London. I was curious as I really love to experiment with my looks and she owns the first vintage hair salon in the world. Nina owns this place with her friend Jazz and this place is also know by the name Mi Casa Es Su Casa.
I took a bus to Hackney, and it took ages, also I was late! (Sorry Nina), I was balancing Krispy Kreme donuts in my left hand as I was holding the handle and trying to look at the map on my phone in my right hand. I swear this one guy had mind sex with my doughnuts. As soon as I got out of the bus, I was scared. No seriously , I was thinking of swallowing my credit card because everyone looked as they were going to rob me!  Or maybe its was just the doughnuts?! Thankfully I’m just a paranoid immigrant. I waited in front with my doughnuts (intact) and my credit card in my pocket as Nina was coming back from the store. As her eyes met mine, there was this weird instant connection (like when sims experience their first kiss and that weird music starts to play). Even tho we have never talked in our lives, we immediately kicked off by talking about our London experiences and life in general. Dare I say it, we made some pretty exciting conclusions which I will not be sharing in this post, because it is way to complicated and somewhat insulting.
As we overindulged in the custard filled doughnuts to the point of hating ourselves, Nina was checking my hair and informing me it is burned and I need to chop half of it off. Which I am definitely not going to do!! There was a knock on the door, and a really charming lady walked in, all the way from San Francisco. Nina took her tools and started chopping her hair, we laughed and laughed.

(no you can not smoke inside , the cigarette is just an accessory)

The cigarette was only for the picture :)

The cigarette was only for the picture 🙂


I took a moment to admire the interior which is very Mexican and somewhat religiously scary, but in such amounts that it really works. The saloon is based on the first floor of a building so you can’t see it from the street.



Ninas parlour

I came to visit Nina because most of the times I use hair extensions, and there is nothing better then actually using your own hair. She was helping me realize that I can make nice hairstyles without any extensions. I am obsessed with 1940’s so that’s the style I really wanted. She was super quick and very detail oriented. I was really happy with the result ,however I made a big mistake of using conditioner before seeing her, which you should not do because these hairstyles require a lot of maintenance with hairspray and conditioner doesn’t help.


IMG_1039 Results 11045317_10206459495875642_8693967465362208699_n
We took some pretty cool pictures, and my day was brightened by the company of these lovely ladies.


IMG_1034On the way back in the tube Rachel (san fran lady) an I realized we have a lot in common so we exchanged numbers. I know I haven’t lived in the 40’s, but I miss those days when women just did their hair all day and gossiped about their husbands. And now I have to finish this post….

BUT FIRST! Let me take a selfie!





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