Barcelona : Spanish hedonism

This was my second trip to Barcelona. Even tho it was business related, I made sure I get the best out of it. Despite my Tapas overload , I managed to get over the food coma and explore the best there was to offer.

So lets get to it.

I flew from Southend, I know it’s not very posh of me, but I must say I love that airport. There is literally no one there. You just walk on to a plane. I loved it! Call me spoiled but I hate waiting in lines on airports, it just makes me so angry! Anyways,  the flight was not as great as I was flying easy jet and I must say they are not my first choice because they are such hypocrites, but everything else was booked and well, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.  Arriving to Barcelona was exactly as I expected, it was sunny, and the sky was the brightest blue ever.

Barcelona airport

 I arrived to the apartment, which we had for the first few days of our business trip, and I was so excited that i had t take this awful selfie. Okay I know it sucks, no need to remind me! We were located right in the marina which is just a perfect location for any tourist. Easy to walk to Ramblas or any other fun destination in the center.


I took a walk down the beach and enjoyed the sun as much as I could. Here comes my favorite photo I took, I edited it but that’s just what I like to do so don’t be hatin’. A walk up to W hotel is truly exceptional. If I could live anywhere , Barcelona is in my top 3. Everyone seems to have such a relaxing life, it kind of reminds me of Home I guess.


Down the Barceloneta people were roller skating, taking walks, sipping coffee next to the sea. The sun was strong and high however the shadowed parts were freezing. You could really feel the difference between winter and spring. As soon as we sat in the restaurant and sun faced us the jackets were off!! I mean it was unbelievably hot! I was imagining myself living close by and strolling down here every day. It is a perfect place.


Look at him all happy!


Charlie and I were really starving for some tapas the last year, so being really generic we went for Iberica ham on tomato bread and chorizo croquettes in one of the restaurants at passage Juan de Barbon. God, it tasted good.  I really missed eating Spanish tapas. There is something about small dishes that awakens the hedonist in me. I guess its greed. I just want to taste as many things as possible in the shortest possible time, otherwise I get full really quickly. Oh! be careful not to drool on your keyboard!



Passing trough little alley ways was a truly amazing experience for me, because I do love cities with soul and Barcelona has a load of that. My favorite artists come from this city so it is normal that I would be attracted by the same thing as they were. I’m going to share a few photos that I captured during my walk around Barcelona. There is also a grup on Instagram called #lookupclub where people take amazing photos of architecture from below. Worth hashtaging if you are into it!


I was happy to see someone still owns a shop where they make guitars from scratch. This little shop is hidden in a little alley and I quickly took a photo while he wasn’t looking. I can’t really tell you what it is called but if you know it, leave a comment!

Guitar shop


Don’t confuse the two! One on the top is the Cathedral and one on the bottom is the famous Sagrada Familia designed by famous Gaudi himself.


I visited the beach quite often. My feet were really killing me one day  and I had almost no sleep the night before. As I have been to Barcelona a year before I have already seen most of the touristic stuff and I just needed to relax with a glass of Vino.  We met with some friends and had a really long lunch that turned into dinner. How obvious! The restaurant we visited was called Agua and I had the most amazing carpaccio there. The men were having steaks ,as men usually do that.

IMG_0925 IMG_0920

The Restaurant is located right on the beach, and it invites a lot of sun on their terrace. I really enjoyed the food and the service here. It is really nice just to have some coffee or drinks with friends. A walk out of the restaurants takes you to the beach which is of course my favorite part.

IMG_0931 (1)



Don’t forget to visit the beautiful W hotel if you ever come. The interior is beautiful and the outside space  is simply magnificent.The pool is overlooking the beach and all the colorful sunsets the sun draws just before the moon shows up. Have a couple of espresso martinis and lounge in the chair of your choice. Tapas is a must and dresscode is smart/casual.







Allright now STOP!





na na na


na na


na na

Cant Caption!


My my my my …. Cable cars were no fun,


Too expensive and and dull,


But on top of the mountain was a park,




So I took these photos before dark!





I will conclude Barcelona  With this. I came here for business so I haven’t really had much time to take photos. But If you are in to some serious vacation photos , Check out my Bali Post <3

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