Hong Kong : Surprise trip

I got woken up at 6 am. Confused and tired and a bit cranky I wasn’t sure why he woke me up so early. -”No time to explain” – he said and pulled a blindfold on my face. I was getting dressed not knowing what is going on.

He took me to the car in a hurry , -”do you know where we are going” – he said – ”no.”- I whimpered.

We were driving for a long time, and I was trying to guess where he is taking me. Finally the car pulls up  and I walk out as he takes my blindfold off. The light blinds me as I try to focus my vision on to the building in front of me.

”Arrivals? Who is coming?” – I scream out of excitement , thinking my mom is coming to visit. But as we park the car he takes out two large suitcases. I realize that no one is coming. We are going somewhere.


video screenshot


At the airport bus I start shivering excited to know where he is taking me, completely oblivious to everything and in ridiculously high heels that were hurting my feet. He chose the shoes, and it was a bad choice. We come to the check in desk. ”First stop Hong-Hong” – sais the guy on the desk. I freak out! HONG KONG!!!??

We board the plane , and im still unaware that I am leaving to go to Hong Kong . The flight was exhausting. I wish upon no one the torture of a 14 hour flight.

We finally land in Hong Kong, and I was tired as ever.  It was hard to talk to the people at the reception as they could hardly speak English. It was 7 am and our room wasn’t ready till 11 am, which was quite disappointing after so many hours of flight, so I dosed in the lobby.  At 12 pm finally we get to the room. The room was on 14th floor and the view was amazing. Hotel was just your typical Chinese businessman type. Small rooms to conserve space.



WP_20141123_07_45_14_Panorama 1 (1)

Room view


One thing really surprised me at the buffet. They had french toast and the label said ”french toast” however there was peanut butter inside. If anyone had an allergy the hotel would get a law suit. That was really inconsiderate of them to miss such a big thing out. I tried explaining it to the girl that worked as a hostess but I don’t think she understood me. This is definitely good to know if it ever happens to you.

Hong Kong is a made up city. There is not a trace of tradition or culture in it. It is a skyscraper wonderland. I personally like traditional Chinese style but I understand that Hong Kong does not consider themselves to be Chinese. The streets are grey and the buildings go so far up in the sky that by the time your eyes reach the top of the building the sun is blinding you. It was nice late spring weather, the grass was green and the temperature was just right. There were small green parks in between all the concrete giants, and they are decorated quite nicely with small fountains, lakes and waterfalls.




I must say I felt a bit discriminated in Hong Kong. Many taxi drivers didn’t want to pull up to pick us up, so sometimes in 3 am in the morning we had to walk all the way back to the hotel. It was not a problem as Hong Kong is really not a city of crime. It’s a city of traders.  I felt really safe even in the early hours of morning.


Using the metro is as easy as ever. It is simply a straight line that goes in to the city center, and no matter where you are you are probably just 20 minutes away.

Hong kong is not cheap , as a matter a fact, for foreigners there are different prices. We noticed that when we went to Disneyland, which Charlie jokingly called ”Disney village”. I have never been to Disneyland before and I was really excited. The cue for the rides were huge! And to be honest the rides weren’t that good , but most of them were kinda fun. We shopped some souvenirs for the families and were out pretty soon.



Now a few strange things happened, but the strangest is being approached by Chinese people to take a picture with them? Does anyone know why they randomly do that? It’s not like we were the only Caucasians there, but it felt like being in a zoo, don’t you think that is a bit weird?

Another amazing thing was how much they embraced the catholic culture of Christmas. I mean they made more effort with Mary and Jesus under christmas trees than anyone of us in Europe does. It was seriously over the top. There is not one thing they missed out; Santa, rain deer, Jesus, Angels, Mary Joseph…everyone together at the same place. I actually think that is cute. We were sitting in a small caffe in this amazing round structure built in to a hill that was almost something that Harrods would build. There were stairs leading up to this huge tree that grew its roots deep in to the center and it just looked like something that fell out of the movie ”avatar”. My battery died so I wan’t able to snap a photo! I regret it so much as it was really beautiful!

I can’t explain Hong Kong. It is so special, so unique and so different but cold. I loved it and hated it at the same time, and I believe it had the same feelings towards me. Charlie, on the otherhand loved it. He studied architecture so for him Hong Kong was like a architecture dream. To people of Hong Kong I was extremely attractive. The Japanese pop culture is very strong in Hong Kong, and I think my big eyes and doll lips were getting some serious attention. Mostly women made sure to come up to me to tell me that.


I believe the best part of Hong Kong is the Victoria Peek. If you can by any chance escape the tram that takes you to the top, please do. The line is way too long and people are really agressive when they are boarding. Some people just have no matters. Coming on top however, is a completely different experience. The view is exceptional. Its like something out of a science fiction movie.



The sun was too bright! 😀

A stroll down the bay is amazing as well. I made sure I don’t miss out on either of them.




I was extremly jet lagged. I would go to sleep at 5 pm and could barely keep my eyes open after, but the overall 3 days in Hong Kong were very nice. Hong Kong was really only my stop over to Bali, which I didn’t know about. And because I was so tired from the flight I wasn’t really paying attention to my looks or taking photos. But looking forward to visit Hong Kong again and If I do, Ill make sure I get a taste of the nightlife next time.



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